Matiox Hostal




About Matiox

Matiox was born out of the love of traveling and the desire to meet wanderers. Built in a well-preserved, protected colonial house, Matiox has the curious sense of having traveled back in time while still having access to all the comforts of modern days. So, whether you’re staying for a night, a week, or a month, we welcome all world eaters with open arms.

The Journey starts HERE

Located at the entrance of Antigua, Matiox is the best starting point for your journey. Cafes, authentic Guatemalan restaurants, museums, and souvenir shops are all within walking distance. Our neighbor, Santo Domingo Hotel is famous for its beautiful gardens, restaurants, and for having some of the best Pre-Columbian museums in town.



Rooms vary in size and style, ensuring you'll find just the option you need at an accessible price. Each bed has a 3-prong outlet for convenient device charging and a large locker where you can store your gear. The semiprivate room features charging outlets, a sitting area, and storage space.